Looking For More Stunning Casual Women Wear in Malaysia? We Got You!

Another day, another decision to make. The struggle of choosing casual women's wear is real

And we’ve all been there. 

Staring mindlessly at our wardrobes and hoping that the perfect outfit would just appear out of thin air. 

Deciding for the right outfit can be quite stressful and it can even end up breaking the bank. 

But don’t worry, we got you! 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the way of choosing the perfect blouse. 

Let’s delve deep!

Choose The Perfect Blouse 

1. Get the right fit 

    One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a nice blouse is the fit. 

    You’ll want to make sure the blouse fits you comfortably without being too big or too small. 

    The buttons should never gape or pull when the blouse is on. 

    Even when you’re sitting, the blouse shouldn’t be so big that it feels like you have a blanket wrapped around you. 

    2. Choose the right style


    So once you know how to get the right fit, it’s time to think about styles. 

    There are plenty of casual women wear choices varying from business casual to laid-back looks for you to choose. 

    The style that you opt for will be determined by where and how you plan to wear your blouse. 

    Now, this is the fun part. 

    Get creative and mix and match outfits according to your agenda. 


    3. Consider necklines

    Before adding it into your cart, you might want to think about the neckline. 

    Seems very minute but it does make a difference in a blouse style. 

    And it also helps you determine what works best for you. 

    But how?

    Scoop necks are classic and never run out of style, while v-necklines are flattering and offer a streamlined look. 

    High scoop necks give you a modest appearance and are also great for chilly temperatures. 

    Furthermore, split neck tops provide an oomph  feeling that can make an otherwise simple blouse standout, while cut-out necklines give a more modern vibe.

    Standing collars, commonly found on button-up shirts, look neat and go with everything from corduroy pants to sleek pencil skirts.

    4. Think about hems and sleeve

    Getting the perfect hem and sleeve length is another deciding factor in choosing your perfect blouse. 

    The bottom of the blouse may fall slightly below the waist, at the hip, or below the hip. 

    Look at the length of the blouse and pick a size that will allow it to reach your desired length. 

    If you plan on tucking in your shirt, ensure that the hem is long enough to do so. 

    Top 4 Blouses Just For You!

    Thinking of getting the perfect casual women's wear?


    Check these blouses out because they might be the one for you!


    1. Salmah Printed Blouse 

    casual printed blouse

    Are you going for a quick brunch at your favourite cafe with your girlfriends? Or a leisure trip to the beach? Or a relative’s wedding? 


    Salmah Printed is the perfect blouse for all of the occasions! 


    Depending on how you style it- whether with a pair of culottes, jeans or a skirt- Salmah blouse can take you places. 


    Furthermore, this blouse is available in three different colours; blue, brown, and black.

    So, which one’s your pick? 


    2. Dayana Blouse 

    casual dayana blouse

    Not a big fan of floral patterns?

    Dayana blouse got your back! 

    Made out of high quality como crepe, this blouse is the perfect wear for Malaysia’s humid weather. 

    Not only is it light on the body, it’s light on the pocket too. 

    You can get it in four colours- purple, green, black, and grey which are perfect for your occasional OOTD. 


    3. Jasmine Blouse 

    casual jasmine blouse

    Despite the fact that Jasmine blouse looks similar to Dayana blouse, they’re quite different. 

    Unlike Dayana blouse’s como crepe material, Jasmine blouse is made out of 90% heavy crepe and 10% polyester. 

    Available in 6 classic colours- black, green, navy, grey, purple, and maroon, this blouse is not only suitable for office wear but also any daily occasions. 

    Can’t choose which colour to get? Get ‘em all!

    4. Jasmine Printed Blouse

    casual printed blouse

    If you’re into abstract prints, we have a spiced up version of Jasmine blouse!

    This pleasing-to-the-eye piece can be purchased in 6 abstract yet elegant designs; purple, white marigold, peonies pink, red peonies, lily blue, and slate gray. 

    Pair this blouse with the right jewelry and pants, you’re all good to go!

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